Monday 20 February 2023


Satin by Sophie Masson, illustrated by Lorena Carrington (MidnightSun Publishing) HB RRP $29.99 ISBN: 9781922858016 

Reviewed by Dannielle Viera

In the early hours of each morning, Satin strolls alone along the sleepy streets in search of blue pieces. He carries them back to the forest, where he is making a ‘beautiful thing’. But something is missing. One day, he hears a child say that their mother is ‘feeling blue’. Satin knows what she needs: ‘the best blue he’s found that day’. Satin chooses to secretly share his blue pieces – his joy – with the townspeople. At the very last house, a young woman ‘with blue in her hair and blue at her throat’ invites him inside. Now he no longer must look for blue on his own.

Inspired by the satin bowerbird, Sophie Masson’s mesmerising fable is infused with melancholy. Sibilant alliteration snakes across the pages as Satin silently seeks a life without loneliness. Children aged four and older will empathise with Satin’s longing for love and emerge from the story with a steadfast belief in the power of sharing to strengthen connection.

Exuding sapphire and shadow, Lorena Carrington’s illustrations serve as a moody backdrop to Sophie’s wistful words. Satin is shown in silhouette, which heightens the heartache of his solitude. Only when the protagonist begins to bestow his blue upon others does Lorena lighten the ambience with pinks, yellows, and greens – it is the dawn of a new life for Satin.

Quiet yet compelling, Satin is a soulful sojourn in a thought-provoking world. It offers new insights with each reading – from the meaning of ‘blue’ to the significance of society – and is an ode to our profound desire for love. 

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