About Buzz Words

Buzz Words is a fortnightly e-zine for writers and illustrators of children's and YA books, as well as librarians, teachers, editors, publicists.

It contains valuable information on markets, opportunities competitions, courses, conferences, along with interviews, writing tips and special features such How I promote My Books and The Inside Scoop, where creators share the story of their path to publication. Book reviews, resources and select articles are available on this website. BuzzWorders' achievements and work samples are also showcased.

Buzz Words believes in promoting books in all their diversity. Books can be fun, literary, issue-driven, educational, lighthearted, historical, confrontational, unusually constructed, illustrated, or a fascinating combination of these and many more styles. Most importantly, books should be read and enjoyed.

Our vision is one of 
  • Passion - Buzz Words is passionately committed to fostering the Australia children’s book industry
  • Equity – Buzz Words equally caters for all levels of career, types of publication and reader age groups
  • Integrity – Buzz Words provides open and honest information from organisations and individuals
  • Support – Buzz Words runs competitions with no entry fee to encourage writers and responds to subscriber feedback and requests
  • Diversity - Buzz Words believes children's literature should reflect the lives of all children

Buzz Words costs only $48 p.a. for 24 issues. 
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