Sunday 26 September 2010

Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation

Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation by Tamsyn Murray, illustrated by Lee Wildish (Simon and Schuster)

PB RRP $12.99
ISBN 978-184738727-1
Reviewed by Peta Biggin

From the moment the Wilsons bring their new pet home, it is obvious that she is no ordinary bunny – and certainly not deserving of the name Flopsy. After she escapes (the first of many), she is renamed Harriet Houdini and the name suitsher perfectly.

After winning the village pet show, Harriet is whisked into the world of show business and finds herself competing in a talent show. If she wins, she’ll be a national star but there are other pets with their eye on first place. Can Harriet compete with an opera singing Poodle? And who is the mysterious man who offers to buy her?

Stunt Bunny:Showbiz Sensation is a fast-paced and funny book from the author of the teen novels My So Called Afterlife and My So Called Haunting.

Harriet the bunny is curious, feisty and devoted to her young owner Susie, if not completely enamoured with Susie’s dad (who is nicknamed Evil Edward throughout the book). Her never-say-die attitude and irreverent sense of humour will ensure Harriet is a character that kids will instantly relate to.
With the added fun of Lee Wildish’s black and white illustrations, Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation is a really enjoyable book that will appeal to any animal loving young reader.

Tamsyn Murray lives in London with her husband, daughter and several pets. When she isn’t at work or writing, Tamsyn enjoys messing about on stage. Shows she has starred in include Hello Dolly!, Kiss Me Kate and Anything Goes. Occasionally, she auditions for Britain’s Got Talent. The next Harriet Houdini book, Stunt Bunny: Tour Trouble, is due to be released in 2011.

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