Tuesday 9 November 2010

Kisses for Daddy

Kisses for Daddy by Frances Watts, illustrated by David Legge (Little Hare Books)
HB RRP $14.99
ISBN 978-1-921541-63-6
Reviewed by Simone Zmood

Kisses for Daddy is a delightful book from an award-winning duo.  It was first published in 2005 and has been repackaged in hard cover as the fourth title in Little Hare’s “My Little Library” collection of books on kisses and love.

Baby Bear was feeling out of sorts and didn’t want to cooperate with his parents in going to bed.  He reluctantly gave his mother a kiss goodnight but steadfastly refused to give his dad one.  So his father transforms the bedtime routine into a game, trying to get a kiss at each step along the way by imagining the type of kiss that other baby animals would give their dads.

When Daddy Bear picks Baby Bear up, he requests a long, tall giraffe kiss.  While carrying him up the stairs Daddy asks for a cuddly, clingy koala kiss.  As they bathe together Daddy suggests a snappy, watery crocodile kiss.  Baby bear is clearly having fun but still refuses to give his dad an upside down bat kiss while they dry off.  No stripy, growly tiger kiss is forthcoming while they brush their teeth.  As he dresses Baby Bear in his pyjamas, Daddy suggest a jumpy, wriggly monkey kiss.  He then asks for a tiny, whiskery mouse kiss as he tucks Baby Bear into bed, but all to no avail.  By now Baby Bear has got over his original grumbles and he has the last laugh.  It is only as Daddy Bear is about to leave the room that Baby Bear offers a big bear kiss and a big bear hug to say goodnight.

Kisses for Daddy is filled with warm edge-to-edge illustrations and the bears look so soft, anyone would want to have a cuddle.  The black text is set at the top of each page and sits nicely on the backgrounds of the whole-page illustrations.  This is a lovely book which can be read to toddlers and pre-readers at any time of day. It could be particularly helpful for those who are parenting reluctant bed-goers and provides a wonderful role play opportunity to use when standard bedtime routines aren’t working.  Thank goodness for imaginative parents!  

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