Wednesday 17 November 2010


Mercy by Rebecca Lim (HarperCollins)
PB RRP $19.99
ISBN 9780732291990
Reviewed by Vicki Stanton

It's no wonder that Mercy is ready to become an international hit. Rebecca Lim draws the reader into the story immediately with economical prose and tells the story of Mercy, the fallen and amnesic archangel, with great clarity and a very definite youth voice. This is an angel with attitude!

Written in first person present tense, the reader only knows what Mercy knows, feeling her confusion as she inhabits the body of an insecure but brilliant choir girl Carmen Zappacosta. Mercy does not fully understand her powers and does not know why she must shift from body to body. Is it to help the person whose identity she assumes, others around her, or is there an ulterior objective altogether?

Carmen has been billeted with the Daley family whose daughter Lauren, also an exceptional singer, went missing two years previously and is assumed dead by all except her twin brother Ryan. Mercy believes Ryan and tries to help him find Lauren putting herself in danger. A mysterious sub-plot running through the book, and I am sure throughout the series, is the appearance of other archangels, particularly Luc.

Even if you don't normally read fantasy, you will enjoy Mercy. Look also for the release of the sequels Exile and Muse in 2011.

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