Monday 17 January 2011


Forgotten Forgotten by Cat Patrick (Hardie Grant Egmont)
PB RRP $22.95
ISBN 9781921690624
Reviewed by Vicki Stanton

Fortunate enough to have received a special advanced copy of Cat Patrick's debut novel Forgotten, I pulled it out of the to-read pile and read it in a day. Nothing got done until I had finished reading about London Lane, the girl who cannot remember the past but sees her future. Patrick has received a concept so original and long after I finished reading the story I wondered if I would cope as well as London with such a condition.

Each night as London sleeps her memories of the past are wiped at 4.33 am. She copes with the help of a supportive mother and a system of writing notes about the events of each day, her outfit, what she needs to bring to school etc. London has forward memory of what the future holds for her and those around her but she is perplexed when she meets and falls in love with Luke. (As I did!) She cannot see him in her future and cannot remember him in her past. Disturbing visions of  a funeral begin to plague her and revelations of a family tragedy in the past may provide keys to London's unique condition.

Patrick's writing style is simple and eloquent. the work is uncluttered and such is her skill the story is never confusing. Patrick has chosen first person, present tense to tell London's story allowing the reader to see and, more importantly, feel exactly as London does.

Not due for release until June, I highly recommend you pencil this book in as one of the ones to buy for 2011. You won't be disappointed.

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