Saturday 9 April 2011

Arlo and the Vortex

Arlo and the Vortex by Juliet Blair (IP Kidz)
PB RRP $16.95, eBook $9.95
ISBN 9781921479656
Reviewed by Margaret Warner

When Arlo’s friend, Kate asks him to meet her to do some rock climbing up a cliff on the beach at midnight, he is intrigued and nervous. What they see when they climb the cliff mesmerises then captures them as they are accidentally drawn into a vortex.

They emerge into a beachside settlement that they discover is the part of their home community that disappeared mysteriously without trace in the Cataclysm some years earlier, during a storm. Arlo and Kate are confronted by having to live in an isolated community that is surviving with limited resources. There are no mobile phones, no school as they know it, no shops, no junk food, no internet. Priorities are different and so are the rules of this community as they soon find out.

This fast-paced story explores many issues associated with authority, survival, relationships and independence and will keep the reader intrigued to the last page as dramatic events unfold. This book is suitable for readers aged 10 plus.

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