Thursday 7 April 2011

Tobias Blow

Tobias Blow by Zachary Jane and Rosalie Street (UQP)
HB RRP $24.95
Review by Jo Burnell

Move over Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Watch out, Tooth Fairy. You have competition. Tobias Blow doesn’t wait for teeth to fall out. He is busy all year round. Every time a strong wind blows, Tobias is riding the currents and depositing treasures for children to find. Now there is a reason to search the garden for the best of surprises: Nature’s Gifts.

Zachary Jane and Rosalie Street have joined forces to create the best sort of magical friend. His trail of evidence is everywhere, waiting to be found outside your door. Not only is the tale of Tobias Blow believable, but his name is part of the essence of nature. Tobias is as the wind ‘Blows’.

Children will have a reason to wander outside in search of treasures, far from electronic entertainment. They will also have a reason to smile when storms are at their scariest. It means that Tobias is especially busy.

Rosalie Street masterfully depicts the colours of sunset and hope, contrasting these with dark shades for the most ferocious storms. Throughout, Tobias brings his cheeky grin to brighten the darkness.

Tobias Blow will be a forever treasure on my shelf. I hope his tale takes off around the world, because he deserves a place in every home. 

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