Friday 1 April 2011

What Body Part is That?

What Body Part is That? by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton (Pan MacMillan)
PB RRP $14.99
ISBN: 978 1 330 40398
Reviewed by Wendy McLean

Andy Griffith is known for his disgusting, hilarious and nonsensical reads and his latest offering ‘What Body Part is That?’ is no exception. Andy has teamed up with his long-standing and multi-talented sidekick, illustrator Terry Denton, to bring 100 per cent fact-free guide to the human body. This book is guaranteed to explain everything you ever needed to know about the human body without a single scientific explanation!

The book is divided into sections based on anatomy, such as ‘The Bits You Can See’ (e.g. Head and Neck, Skin, etc.) and ‘The Bits You Can’t See’ (e.g. Digestive System, Circulatory & Respiratory Systems, etc.). Each section is further divided into topics within each chapter (e.g. Mouth, Chin, Elbow, etc.). A double-page spread is dedicated to each body part and includes a brief discussion of what the body part is and what it can and can’t do.  Hilarious illustrations by Terry Denton support the text. A Fun Fact is also included for each body part (e.g. It is physically impossible to lick your own elbow).

This book is packed with information on the heart, the brain, the bum and so much more. The smallest, biggest and most disgusting parts of the human body are all included. For instance, did you know your nose contains five million odour receptors so this is why you shouldn’t put it too close to armpits or bums or dog poo? Or human tonsils can bounce higher than a rubber ball of similar weight and size? And what about saliva? Most experts believe that during your lifetime you will produce enough saliva to fill one or two swimming pools.

‘What Body Part is That?’ is packed with illustrations to help you distinguish the difference between capillaries and caterpillars, understand the full cycle of the bladder and identify the several different types of belly buttons (innie, outie, fluffy etc.).

‘What Body Part is That?’ is a thoroughly hilarious and enjoyable book. Fans of this comic duo will not be disappointed!

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