Sunday 19 June 2011


Silvermay by James Moloney (HarperCollins)

PB RRP $24.99
ISBN 9780732292034
Reviewed by Vicki Stanton

Silvermay is the first in a new trilogy from best-selling and award-winning author James Moloney. Told primarily through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Silvermay Hawker, the tone and feel of the book is lyrical and engaging. I was enthralled from the very first words when Silvermay says, 'Should I tell you of the first time I saw him, when he was still just a figure on the road like so many others ...' 

Silvermay is talking of Tamlyn who enters her village with a woman Nerigold and her baby boy Lucien. Just as Silvermay falls for him, so did I. Tamlyn is, however, wrestling with his very nature.  

Themes of love, trust, betrayal and destiny are all explored in this story. Silvermay's world of Athlane has a familiar feel of historic Europe: villages, healers, kings and lords, horses, hunters. It is inhabited by commonfolk and the Wyrdborn, a handsome magical race who cannot feel empathy, generosity or love. They are selfish and desire power and wealth, believing in a philosophy of each for his own for they cannot share even with their own kind. The Wyrdborn provides a fantastical element which adds to the intricacy and the depth of the story. 

Powerful forces hunt the three travellers and Silvermay becomes caught up in their journey. She joins them as helper and carer for the weakening Nerigold. The most dangerous threat comes from Coyle Strongbow. Lucien is his son but his reasons for the chase reveal even more of Wyrdborn nature.

I thoroughly recommend Silvermay and defy anyone to put it down once they have started reading. I will be lining up for the release of the second book in the series Tamlyn.

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