Thursday 15 September 2011

Mosquito Advertising: The Blade Brief

Mosquito Advertising: The Blade Brief by Kate Hunter (UQP)
PB RRP $16.95
Reviewed by Jo Burnell

Katie hasn’t come down from her high at being a Marketing Success at 14 years of age. She’s not bothered with unimportant things like school work anymore. All she wants to do is advertise. The problem with being so focussed is that details can pass you by. Important things, like the fact that you are starting to irritate your best friends, go unnoticed.

In her desperation to keep developing Mosquito Advertising, Katie doesn’t see the warning signs. The advertising opportunity of a lifetime smells rotten, but Katie just can’t smell it. Will Katie survive this mess? Will she still have friends to turn to at the end of it all? Anything is possible, even a little romance along the way.

The Blade Brief is another intriguing easy read. It’s perfect for escaping the humdrum of school, home and other mundane facts of life. 

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