Tuesday 18 October 2011

Kangaroo Footprints

 Kangaroo Footprints by Margaret Warner  
 PB RRP $20
 ISBN 9780987112507
 Reviewed by Vicki Stanton

One of the highlights of compiling Buzz Words is the number of books I review and Kangaroo Footprints is among the best non-fiction books that have crossed my desk. The scope of the research is impressive and Warner is obviously very knowledgeable, and passionate about, kangaroos. Information about kangaroo ancestors, species, diet, and heroes are all covered. Also included are a traditional Indigenous story, information on caring for wildlife, threats to kangaroos and a page on my childhood favourite, Skippy.

Kangaroo Footprints is aimed at children aged seven to twelve and Warner knows her target audience well. It would have been very easy for the child reader to have been overwhelmed by the scope of the information. However, each double-spread is balanced with one page of information and the other filled with a related fun activity. The activities are varied and will maintain reader interest: word puzzles, riddles, mathematical puzzles, drawing activities and origami are but a few of the options. Each spread also boasts a ‘Fast Fact’ text box.

Schools will find Kangaroo Footprints an ideal teaching tool. The book has been supported by Voiceless, an organisation committed to ‘a world in which animals are treated with respect and compassion’. 

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