Tuesday 25 October 2011

Star Girl – Book 9 Dark Secrets and Book 10 Sticky Tricks

Star Girl – Book 9 Dark Secrets and Book 10 Sticky Tricks by Louise Park (MacMillan Education)
PB RRP $9.99 
ISBN: 978 1 4202 9378 4 (Book 9) and 978 1 4202 9379 1 (Book 10)
Reviewed by Wendy McLean

Year Two at the SEAS (Space Education and Action School) Space Agent Program, and Adelaide Banks, has made it! Addie, aka Space Girl, has graduated from Space Cadet and has now made it into the captains’ year of the SEAS Space Agent Program. As captains, Addie and her fellow students must learn to fly spacecraft and must successfully complete a number of missions to gain a place in the third year space agent program. 

These missions are not easy. In Book 9, Addie (Star Girl) must join fellow Space Captains Comet XS and Asteroid to investigate why the caves on Planet Cavernellus are being bleached and the alien babies are no longer hatching. Things get a little batty and with the malicious SC Asteroid making every attempt to sabotage the mission, the girls must pull out all stops to survive the alien attack long enough to save the planet and its alien vampescas. 

In Book 10, Star Girl must join Space Surfer and Supernova 1 on a hair-raising mission to the Planet Perilenda which has been struck by an evil force that is making the alien skunettas disappear. Supernova 1 and Star Girl must put aside their differences and join together to see through the evil tricks of a mysterious force in time to save the skunettas. As with the previous books, Addie experiences the good times and troubles all young girls do, but she also has to complete action-packed and sometimes terrifying missions.

There a many stories about boarding schools, but none quite like the Star Girl series, which combines real life and space fantasy. This exciting and action-packed series will appeal to and empower girls aged 7-10 years. Readers can also check out the Star Girl website: http://www.stargirluniverse.com/ 

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