Wednesday 30 November 2011

About Face

About Face by Robert Moore, illustrated by Monkeystack (IPKidz) 
PB RRP $26.00
ISBN 9781921869129       
Reviewed by Margaret Warner

The bold cover of About Face invites young readers into this humorous story in which each of the facial features becomes an independent character. Nose even has a bandaid across the bridge and mouth has a missing tooth, just like the children who will enjoy this book. Each eye and ear, the nose and mouth all work together using their different functions in a surreptitious adventure to make raspberry pies while having fun dancing to lively music.

The vibrant colours of the illustrations against the darker background will immediately capture a child’s interest and be a source of discussion. The text stands out boldly, printed in white against the dark blue background of each page, making it easy for a young reader to follow the words. In the final pages, the child who has dreamed of the fun adventure wakes up to the reality of an earache, a runny nose, watery eyes and cracked lips.

Young children will enjoy having this book read to them or reading it themselves and will have a giggle at the characters up to mischief. The book could be complemented with songs and rhymes about the face and body and be a useful resource in a unit of work on the senses.

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