Wednesday 16 November 2011

The e-book process

Today at Buzz Words Books we have our first guest author post. YA author D L Richardson gives personal insights into the e-book process. You can read an expanded version of this article in the 1 December 2011 issue of Buzz Words.

There’s good and bad things said about e-books. My favourite quote doing the rounds is this one: “The good thing about e-books is that anyone can publish one. The bad this is that anyone can publish one.” It’s an accurate sentiment and one that I’d take seriously if I hadn’t read a lot of trash in print format. 
So what is it about the e-book that’s so darned appealing? Is it because in this current economic climate they’re cheap to produce? Is it because in this current environmental climate a rainforest can be saved by not printing a book? Or has this sudden boom in e-books sales got to with something else, say, the coming of a new revolution?

It’s no surprise the e-book is popular. Aspiring authors who have grown tired of mainstream publishers locking the doors on their creativity have at last found the means to produce and sell their work. For many, the e-book is about empowerment. I was fortunate enough to get a contract with an e-book publisher so I haven’t had to do my own editing, cover design or distribution. But is empowerment enough to push the print book out altogether? After all, DVD replaced VHS. Motion pictures replaced silent films. Cars replaced horse and cart.

Once upon a time the only way to travel was through a travel agent. The internet empowered the consumer but we still have travel agents. We’ll probably still have mainstream publishers because empowerment is a powerful thing. But expertise is equally powerful. 

D L Richardson is the author of Young Adult paranormal novel The Bird With The Broken Wing. She is currently working on her second novel.

You can read an extract of D L Richardson’s debut novel The Bird With The Broken Wing at Kobo Books. 

You can purchase The Bird With The Broken Wing at Etopia Press,, Barnes &Noble, Kobo Books, and OmniLit 

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