Friday 20 April 2012

Show No Fear and Go Bzrk: Michael Grant

Buzz Words is thrilled to be part of Michael Grant's Show No Fear and Go Bzrk blog tour of Australia and New Zealand. We put five quick questions to Michael about Fear and going Berserk:

BW: What is guaranteed to send you Berserk?

MG: Needles. Hate them.

BW: What is your deepest Fear?

MG: Poverty and not being able to care for my kids.  Also a long, slow, lingering death.  Oh, and of course like anyone I fear there may be another Chipmunk movie.  That keeps me up at night.

BW: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

MG: Impatient, hard-working, imaginative.

BW: If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

MG: Hitler.  And I'd say, "Dude, if I buy some of your lousy paintings do you think you could stick to art and avoid the whole mass-murder thing?"

BW: How easy/hard was it to switch to beginning work writing your BZRK trilogy when you’d be so engrossed by the GONE world over the last few years?

MG: Surprisingly easy.  Imagine you have two wives. . . Okay, no, forget that.  Imagine you have two kids.  In fact, I have two kids.  I can spend time with them each, and appreciate them each.  Same thing with GONE and BZRK.  It never feels like either/or.  I like them both.

You can read the Buzz Words Books reviews of Fear, the fifth instalment of the Gone series; Plague  (the fourth instalment); and Lies (the third instalment). Jump on over to Michael Grant Downunder and check out all the other posts by Michael and the great book review blogs he visits.

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