Sunday 8 April 2012


Try! by Sharon McGuinness, cover illustration by Tom Jellet (distributed by Palmer Higgs)
RRP eBook $6.95; flipbook $5.00
Reviewed by Vicki Stanton

Jesse is desperate to play rugby league but his mum isn't sure since Jesse is on the small side. He persists, convinces Mum, and wins over his team mates through persistence and training.

Tom Jellet's cover illustration in his trademark style brought a smile to my face as soon as I opened this eBook. The smiles kept coming as I read the story. McGuinness has written a gem of an early chapter book for rugby league and other sport fanatics. I'm not a league fan but I can understand passion for football being a big Aussie rules fan and that's exactly what comes across. I was with Jesse all the way in his quest to play the sport he loves, and it is sure to delight younger readers. The story ends not only with triumph for Jesse but with some all round good sportsmanship.

This book is an extension of a story published previously in The School Magazine and is dedicated to two children who pestered McGuinness, a teacher-librarian, for stories about rugby league. Try! is targeted at a level emerging readers can tackle themselves and its satisfying story will no doubt bolster a love of rugby league and reading.

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