Wednesday 16 May 2012

Jessie the Lyrics Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Pop Star Fairies)

Jessie the Lyrics Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Pop Star Fairies) Jessie the Lyrics Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Pop Star Fairies) by Daisy Meadows (Orchard/Hachette)
PB RRP $9.99
ISBN 978 1 40831 5897
Reviewed by Hilary Smillie

This is the latest addition to the number one bestselling girls' series, Rainbow Magic. Over 26 million copies have sold worldwide. In each story, Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker have an adventure which features a particular fairy. The bright covers are very attractive, and the stories will appeal to girls in the six to 10 years range. Jessie the Lyrics Fairy is the first book in the Pop Star Fairy series.

When Kirsty and Rachel arrive at the Rainspell Island Music Festival, they meet up with their pop group friends, The Angels who are the opening act. Later, while helping Rachel's parents set up the tent in the camping area, the pair suddenly spot Destiny the Pop Star Fairy, whose magic ensures that pop concerts go perfectly.

The Fairyland Music Festival coincides with the human pop festival, and Destiny invites the girls to attend. Delighted to accept, the girls are covered in magic dust from Destiny's wand and become fairies. In Fairyland, they meet the other Pop Star Fairies - Jessie the Lyrics Fairy, Adele the Singing Coach Fairy, Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy, Miley the Stylist Fairy, Frankie the Make-up Fairy, Rochelle the Star Spotter Fairy and Una the Concert Fairy. However, the fairies seem worried and distracted, and when the rehearsal begins, the Pop Star Fairies perform badly and can't keep in step or in tune.

Kirsty and Rachel ask Destiny what is wrong and she tells them that the magic music clefs the fairies wear around their necks to ensure their performances go well are missing.

The clefs have been stolen by Jack Frost and his goblins. Jack Frost is planning to be the biggest star at the Rainspell Festival. Returning to Rainspell Island, the girls attend The Angels' rehearsal. The pop group are not performing well, either. It is up to the girls to get back the clefs so that both festivals are a success.

Will Kirsty and Rachel be able to retrieve each fairy's musical clef?

Written in an easy-to-read style supported by black and white drawings, Jessie the Lyrics Fairy with its pop festival background is sure to be a hit. Another six books complete the Pop Star Fairies series which is good news for fans. 

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