Saturday 30 June 2012

Invitation to a Stranger

Invitation to a Stranger by Margaret Pearce (Astraea Press)
Ebook RRP $2.99
ISBN 978-1-62135-036-1
Reviewed by Nina Lim

Before the arrival of the Demento family in town, Ronnie and her friends Katie and Jasmine lived completely normal lives. But when they meet Drake Demento they sense something special about him. He’s not like the other boys. He’s mysterious and intriguing but why is his family so strange?

Soon afterwards all of the animals in the district start disappearing. They find Jasmine’s cat again but its body has become floppy and its eyes are vacant. Then people start disappearing. And what has happened to Jasmine? She is now lying in a hospital bed, unable to recognize anyone, with the same vacant eyes as her cat. And why does the Demento mansion always look dark? And Drake seems distant and appears to be pushing them away.

Ronnie and Katie realize that something needs to be done, and done soon. They need to rely on Drake, but can they trust him?

This is a riveting story with a great cast of characters. The story unfolds fluidly and smoothly. Fans of the supernatural will enjoy this teen vampire fun.

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