Wednesday 13 June 2012

Picture Book Review: The Baby That Roared

The Baby That Roared The Baby That Roared by Simon Puttock, illustrated by Nadia Shireen (Allen and Unwin)
PB RRP $24.99
ISBN 978-0-85763-018-6
Reviewed by Ann Harth

Mr and Mrs Deer desperately want a baby. When a bundle of baby lands on their doorstep they are thrilled. A note is attached to the baby’s blanket.

I am a dear little baby. Please love me and cuddle me and read me lots and lots of stories.
Mrs Deer cuddles the baby and makes him a bed. The baby ROARS. Mr Deer thinks he’s hungry but the baby refuses everything he offers. The baby roars and roars. The Deers approach many of their neighbours for help, but the baby keeps roaring. Nothing seems to work.

Simon Puttock keeps the reader turning pages in this picture book as Mr and Mrs Deer search for a way to stop their new baby from roaring. Varying font size is appealing, creating emphasis and adding humour and the imaginative twist at the end will inspire a gasp and a giggle and have the kids turning back to page one to start all over again.

The vibrant and humorous illustrations created by Nadia Shireen are uncluttered and her use of white space is effective. The pictures enrich the story and portray each character with a unique expression and personality.

This picture book will be enjoyed by children 3+ and adults will get a laugh as well.
Simon Puttock is the author of around 30 books. He has lived in many places all over the world and now resides in Scotland.  His books have won a number of awards and, when he was a child, he had a beanbag frog called King Suey. For 12 more interesting facts about Simon Puttock visit his website

Nadia Shireen is a brilliant illustrator who brings her characters to life with simple and effective strokes. She not only illustrates other writers’ books but she has recently illustrated her own. You can find more information on Nadia Shireen on her website.

Ann Harth is a published children's author and writing tutor at Australian College of Journalism. She loves to read and is committed to creating children's literature that inspires, entertains and triggers a tiny twist in the mind. Her latest middle-grade novel, The Art of Magic, will be released in 2012. 

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