Saturday 11 August 2012

Battle of the Mega-mutants - Aquamaxitor (Boy Vs Beast)

Battle of the Mega-mutants - Aquamaxitor (Boy Vs Beast)Battle of the Mega-mutants - Aquamaxitor (Boy Vs Beast) by Mac Park (Scholastic/Pop and Fizz)
PB RRP $9.99
ISBN 978-1-92193-117-8
Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

Aquamaxitor is a Boy Vs Beast adventure starring Kai Masters. Kai Masters is a border captain posted to a lighthouse in Australia with his robotic dog, BC. Kai is one of five guards who defend the border-wall from beasts who try to escape the Beastium to get through to Earth.

In this story, Kai’s battle partner is Ying Li, a border guard from the Hong Kong posting, along with his bionic cat, BF. Together Kai and Li fight pest attacks, such as flying toxic jellyfish and rock-bombing hawks, before the ultimate battle with the mega-mutant beast Aquamaxitor.

This is a popular series for boys at the beginning reader level, 6+ years. The use of short sentences, large type, short chapters and simple words make it great for this age group. It is fast-paced, adventurous and full of pictures. The ultimate battle scene is done in the style of a cartoon strip, making the battle even more visual.

The illustrations scattered throughout the text also helps this reading level. The plan of Kai’s lighthouse, with its observation deck, test room and indoor skate park will delight young boys.

The story is structured much like a computer game through the use of levels of advancement and specific language, such as the upgrading of beasts. This, along with the gadgets, robotic and mutant animals and battles make it a good series for reluctant readers as well. It will especially appeal to those who love computer games.

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