Wednesday 15 August 2012


Survive Survive by Alex Morel (hardie Grant EGMONT)
PB RRP $22.95
ISBN 9781742973067

This book had me hooked. Jane had attempted suicide a couple of time and when we meet her she is about to execute another attempt. This one is better planned and she believes she will succeed. Suicide is a part of her family history, and she is convinced that she is destined to follow as well.

Her father committed suicide throwing her into a depression that she won’t acknowledge. When we meet Jane she is in an institution and planning her own death. She boards a plane to visit her mother over Christmas though she has researched and bought all the pills she needs to not wake up at the destination. The plane however hits turbulence when she is in the bathroom, then crashes leaving Jane and one other young man as the sole survivors. From the top of the remote frozen mountains Jane discovers that she wants to survive and she works hard to do so.

This book delves into a difficult and serious topic without any moralising. Most teenagers will think about suicide at some point in their changing lives. The story takes the classic scenario of “wanting death till faced with it” and makes us believe and care for the main character. The writing is scenic and the character well developed. The language and personality of Jane is well constructed. The book hits the target audience of 14+ with accuracy. I recommend this book as a reinforcing statement about what is good in life.

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