Tuesday 4 September 2012

Time Thieves (Omega Squad)

Time Thieves (Omega Squad) Time Thieves (Omega Squad) by Charlie Carter (Pan Macmillan Australia)
PB RRP $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-7426-1093-1
Reviewed by Wendy McLean

Get Reading! is a nationwide campaign focused on inspiring more Australians to discover or rediscover the pleasure of reading. Time Thieves, Charlie Carter’s newest offering, has been included in this year’s Get Reading’s selection of ‘50 Books You Can’t Put Down’ for good reason. It’s a dramatic and thrilling series that will engage even the most reluctant reader.

Time Thieves is the first book in Charlie Carter’s Omega Squad series, which follows on from the very successful Battle Boy series. In the newest offering, Napoleon Augustus Smythe (aka Battle Boy 005) has been promoted to Battle Agent 005. In the Battle Boy series Battle Boy 005 was a sole agent travelling back through time, under the guidance of Professor Perdu, to spy on the past and solve famous historical mysteries. But now he is Battle Agent 005, part of an elite team of Time Troopers. He must work together with his other Omega Squad team members, Winston Garibaldi (aka Battle Agent 004) and Amazon Diana (aka Battle Agent 009), to undertake Operation Battle Book.

Operation Battle Book is run by the mission controller, Professor Perdu. The Battle Agents must enter Professor Perdu’s Battle Books (super-strong metal caskets containing compressed energy of past battles) and collect important data for her research. But working as a team with the super smart BA004, the girl with attitude BA009 and super soldier TEX, proves a real difficulty for Battle Agent 005. And not only do the three Battle Agents struggle to operate as a team, they also become the target of sabotage as clandestine forces seek to destroy Professor Perdu and her Operation Battle Book. The three Battle Agents must overcome their differences to work as a team and find out who is stealing time and energy in an attempt to destroy Professor Perdu’s Operation Battle Book.

The Omega Squad series is compelling and action-packed and will appeal to both those who are familiar or new to the Battle Boy and Battle Agent series. Readers will be taken on a journey through time to discover who is stealing time and energy bundles from the Battle Books. Charlie Carter (aka the famous Australian author John Heffernan) has cleverly reinvented the history lesson in action-packed and relevant ways that will appeal to boys and girls aged 6-10 years.

Readers can check out the other Battle Boy books at: http://www.battleboy.com.au/. The next installment in the Battle Agent series History Hackers will be released in December 2012.

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