Monday 1 October 2012

The 26-Storey Treehouse

The 26-storey Treehouse The 26-storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton (Pan MacMillan)
PB RRP $12.99
ISBN: 978 1 7426 1127 3
Reviewed by Wendy McLean

Andy and Terry have doubled the mayhem, mishap and comedy unleashed in their 13-storey treehouse by adding another 13 stories! And now that they have a 26-storey treehouse they need more wacky features. The original treehouse had a lemonade fountain, an automatic marshmallow machine and a tank full of sharks. The new and improved treehouse now houses a skate ramp, an anti-gravity chamber, an ice-cream parlour with 78 flavours, a mud fighting arena and the terrifying Maze of Doom—a maze so complicated that nobody who has entered it has ever returned.

In the 26-Storey Treehouse, we learn the tale of how Terry and Andy and their neighbor Jill all met. This is, of course, no ordinary tale starting with the day Terry used the shark tank as a washing machine. Needless to say the sharks became very ill after ingesting Terry’s underpants! Terry and Andy call on their animal-loving neighbor Jill to save the day. And so begins an adventure that involves open-shark surgery, shipwrecks, horrible pirates and a lucky escape from the Maze of Doom. But with the publishing deadline imposed by Mr Big Nose hanging over their heads, if the dynamic duo do not deliver their new book on time, their escape from the Maze of Doom may have not been so lucky…

The 26-Storey Treehouse is a light-hearted and hilarious romp through the lives of Terry and Andy, and won’t disappoint fans of the duo or anyone who just wants a laugh-out-loud book to read.

Look out for the next installment, The 39-Storey Treehouse, in September 2013!

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