Thursday 1 November 2012


Feedback by D L Richardson (Etopia Press)
EBook RRP 5.99 Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo
ISBN 978-1-937976-77-4
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Dylan is a CIA agent working undercover as a biochemist for a pharmaceutical company. He is on a mission to deactivate three biochemical weapons when he is killed in a car accident. Dylan’s spirit cannot rest until the mission is complete.

Ethan, Florida, and Jake are teenage victims of a pharmaceutical experiment. They receive the gift of life through Dylan’s organs. But unknown to them, there will be a price to pay. Their lives change drastically, from indifference and bitterness, to a spiral of dangerous but exciting adventures and life-threatening situations.

The teenagers’ lives, family situations and feelings are exposed through each one’s point of view, from chapter to chapter. This builds the backstory and increases the tension in the book.

The three are kidnapped soon after their transplants by Shay, an operative that works for Hank, the owner of the pharmaceutical company. Hank is an advocate of Feedback, ‘the theory that the organ recipient will take on the memories of the organ donor’. He tortures them with the intention that they will reveal the whereabouts of the hidden weapons. But they have no understanding of cellular memory, or of the danger they are in until Dylan’s ghost mind-melds with Ethan and another curve in the story takes place.

In a race against time, Ethan, Florida and Jake must learn to trust one another, and work together to complete Dylan’s mission before hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to Hank’s catastrophic plans to spread disease for money making purposes.

This is an exciting and fast-paced book with an original story line. D L Richardson has shaped the story extremely well to retain the reader’s interest from beginning to end. It has an open-ending, perhaps with a sequel in mind.


  1. Thank you Anastasia and Buzz Words Books for this great review.
    D L Richardson

  2. Pleasure to help authors get the news out there about their books. Thanks for dropping by Buzz Words.



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