Monday 26 November 2012

Motive Games

Motive Games by L.D.Taylor (Wombat Books)
PB RRP $16.95
ISBN 978-1-921632-25-9
Reviewed by Jacque Duffy

Sadly for me, my teen years are forever behind me. With this in mind I would not be a target reader for this book. In fact, when I first picked it up, I groaned inwardly. Not only is it aimed at teens but it has a slight religious flavour too. I took a deep breath, and started reading. I soon discovered I couldn't put it down. This book is great read for kids aged twelve to kids aged ... well, much older than thirty five.

The book presents well with an interesting cover design and the screamer on the back cover almost dares you to read the book. 'When practically everyone you know hated your dad, where do you start to search for his murderer?' Why wouldn't you pick it up?

This story has everything in it to interest a young teenage reader, video games, movie line reference games, intrigue, murder, weird old guys... the list goes on. The language in the story is very now: texting, acronyms and words used specifically within computer technology is quite understandable (even for an oldie) and it moves the story along, possibly helping young readers enjoy it all the more. If help is needed with the jargon a glossary appears in the back of the book.

As I read this book for review I kept telling my son how much he is going to love this book. It contains everything he is interested in. L.D.Taylor has crafted a well written story that moves along at a comfortable pace keeping the reader interested and guessing as to who the murderer could possibly be right till the end.

The book if read in a classroom situation would raise healthy discussion. I found it refreshing, compelling and in places a little heart wrenching. Computer game design and physics are the stories spine supporting the serious matters of death and murder, these issues are handled in a modern yet sensitive way without being condescending or preachy. Teacher's notes are available. The characters are fully formed and each has their own story to tell.

The story gives room for sequels and I am sure each would be an enjoyable read.
Jacque Duffy is the author and illustrator of the series ‘That’s not a …” learn to read books used in all Queensland State Primary Schools and one local history coffee table book.

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