Sunday 17 February 2013


Freakling by Lana Krumweide (Walker Books)
HB RRP $ 27.95
ISBN 9780763659370
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

In her powerful debut novel, Lana Krumweide has a created a futuristic world where people have the gift of psi, a form of telekinesis. They don’t need to read nor write for their gift is more than enough to sustain the life they live. The ones without the gift are sent to the powerless colony and are forbidden to enter the city of the psi.

Two centuries have passed since the prophet Nathan built the city of Deliverance. A new Great Cycle is at hand and the High Priest is searching for the True Son that will lead the people.

Young Taemon and his older brother Yens are in conflict. Taemon keeps a lot of his abilities secret at the request of his father. Yens is jealous of his brother and wants him dead. Yens wants to be the next True Son, and will stop at nothing to gain this position.

Taemon begins a hero’s journey which brings about many confrontations with his conscience. He loses his psi during a rage against his brother, and is sent to the powerless colony. Yens is declared the True Son by the High Priest, but in truth, his role is as pawn to a greater evil.
 In the colony, Taemon discovers life without psi suits him, especially as people do unusual things with their hands like touch and hug, repair machines and grow food. There he meets his unknown aunt, the loopy Challis, who reveals some incredible truths about who he really is and what he’s capable of. But can he believe her?

Back in the city, people have gone missing. Chaos has broken out. Poverty and filth reign, and free will is exercised for both good and evil. Taemon is faced with his greatest challenge – a decision that will save the city’s population, or see them subjugated by the ruthless and power seeking High Priest and Yens. Everything depends on the decision he must make.

This is a great read; an imaginative adventure story with lots of twists and turns, sub-plots, and excellent characters that are constantly evolving.

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