Saturday 2 February 2013

Marcy Series #2

Marcy Series #2 by Susan Halliday, illustrated by Tom Jellett (FORD ST)
Netball Challenge
ISBN 9781921665714
Quiz Champs
ISBN 9781921665721
Thirteen Dolphins
ISBN 9781921665738
Lost Dogs
ISBN 9781921665745
Award Winners
ISBN 9781921665752

PB RRP $9.95 each
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Marcy, the  leading female character in the Toocool series, has earned her own series. Marcy is a leader. She’s assertive, organized, confident, resourceful and clever. She believes that all her ideas are brilliant, and they are.

In Netball Challenge, Marcy wants to raise money for the Lost Dogs’ Home. Her brilliant idea is to challenge the teachers to a game of netball at the end of school term. The charge to watch is a gold coin. She makes a promise to the tall Stretch Small, to attend his Ballroom Dancing classes with the others if he joins the team. Will Stretch manage to score some goals and beat the teachers?

Book 12: Quiz Champs contains interesting and educational facts. The school canteen has a new menu. Four baby guinea pigs have arrived at the Pet Library. But the best thing to happen is the class quiz – boys against girls. The winning team gets to name the guinea pigs. The class will be quizzed on the week’s lessons which include: the life of tigers, the origins of the umbrella, water, A B Patterson, and the contents of the food we love to eat. The quiz ends in a tie. How will the dilemma be solved?

Thirteen Dolphins: A pod of dolphins has been spotted near Bella’s holiday house by the sea. A young dolphin gets stranded in a rock pool. Can Marcy and Bella use their dolphin knowledge to reassure the anxious marine mammal, and get help?

In Lost Dogs, Gran-Ella has arranged for Marcy and Bella to present the money they raised from the Netball Challenge to the Lost Dogs’ Home where she volunteers. As a reward, Bella and Marcy become part of the Dog Squad which finds new homes for unclaimed lost dogs. They set out on their mission determined to succeed.

Award Winners: Marcy and Bella are chosen as joint winners of the ‘Animal Carer of the Year Award’. A reporter named Mr Hound has sniffed out the story and has come to interview the girls. It results in a comprehensive overview of the two girls’ achievements.

This series full of adventure, positive reinforcement and share the same characters as the Toocool series. Here there is also a Glossary, Jokes, and Did You Know? section that give additional information on the subject used in the book.

These two series come highly recommended for the 7-9 age groups.

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