Saturday 30 March 2013

Gus and the Driftwood Puppy

Gus and the Driftwood Puppy by Carrie Haworth, illustrated by Bianca Ramirez (Published by Carrie Haworth)
PB RRP $14.95 plus $1.80 postage
ISBN – 978-0-9872340-9-4
Reviewed by Donna Austin

In this story, the third in The Adventures of Gus the Galah series, Gus is developing his communication skills further. Now he no longer mimics what Auntie Hazel says but has conversations with her. And it’s just as well he can, because on a particularly windy day he spots ‘something shiny on the river’. He keeps watch and sees something else, and shouts to Auntie Hazel, ‘Look over there in the river. Can you see something on that piece of driftwood?’

Though Auntie Hazel can’t see what is on the driftwood she and Gus set off to investigate. Once closer they see a puppy clinging to the wood. The river is too rough to swim in so Gus suggests to Auntie Hazel that they get a piece of rope from the garage and if she ties a loop to it he can fly out to rescue the puppy.

On their way back to the river they meet up with the pup’s owner, Dawn, who is looking for her pup named Ebony. She joins them and Gus takes the perilous trip through the wind with the rope in his mouth. On reaching Ebony, Gus tells her not to be frightened as he will tie the rope to the wood and Auntie Hazel will pull her to safety. To Dawn’s delight, the rescue is a success.

Reunited with her pup, Dawn marvels that she has no idea ‘how you ended up here at the South of Perth Yacht Club when we live further along the Swan River, but I’m very pleased Gus saved you’. She suggests that Auntie Hazel and Gus might join her and Ebony when they next walk along the river. Auntie Hazel asks what Gus thinks of this idea but gets no reply as Gus is already snuggled up inside her coat asleep. A lovely ending to the story.

In keeping with previous stories the large font text is well placed between bold and bright coloured chalk illustrations that fill the pages and the addition of a Willy Wagtail in each illustration gives readers something to look for in every scene.

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