Sunday 24 March 2013

Gus and the Shiny Ring

Gus and the Shiny Ring by Carrie Haworth, illustrated by Bianca Ramirez (Published by Carrie Haworth)
PB RRP $14.95 plus $1.80 postage
ISBN – 978-0-9872340-4-9
Reviewed by Donna Austin

In this story, the second in The Adventures of Gus the Galah series, Gus is developing skills that see him mimic what Auntie Hazel says. He also responds to instructions. When Auntie Hazel sees that he needs some more bird seed, she prepares to drive to the pet shop. When she finally gets into the car she realises she’s left her car keys in the house but she sends Gus for them and he does this.

Along the way to the shop, Gus enjoys watching the people and birds they pass and readers are told that he even pretends he is driving the car himself. By the middle of the book Gus and Auntie Hazel reach the shop where Gus flies about to chat with the inhabitants. Purchase of seed complete, Gus and Auntie Hazel head back to the car where they notice a group of ladies gathered on the grass, looking for something. One of them, named Angela, has lost a valuable ring.

“We’ll help you look then,” says Auntie Hazel. Gus waddles about finding nothing until he moves to a section of longer grass where he spots something ‘glimmering in the sunshine’. He picks it up and takes it back to Auntie Hazel. She says “Oh Gus, you clever, clever boy. You found the ring!” and Angela is very pleased. Gus receives a tickle from Angela before Auntie Hazel takes him home.

In keeping with the first book the large font text is well placed between bold and bright coloured chalk illustrations that fill the pages and, as with previous book, the addition of a Willy Wagtail in each illustration gives readers something to look for in every scene.

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