Tuesday 9 April 2013

No Matter Who We’re With

No Matter Who We’re With by Robert Vescio, illustrated by Cheri Scholten (IP Kidz)
HB RRP $26.95 (e-book $13.00)
ISBN 9781922120212                                            
Reviewed by Margaret Warner

This is a heartwarming story that reinforces the fact that if parents divorce, both parents still love their children. Told from the children’s perspective, the story has an authentic feel. The children relate favourite activities they do with each parent but also gently remind the reader that life isn’t the same as it used to be e.g. when they ask dad to read a particular book and he tells them it’s at their mum’s house or when mum takes them to the pool and they ask to go again tomorrow but are reminded they will be at their dad’s place.

 The children understand that while they love their mum and dad and sometimes miss one when they are with the other that one thing remains constant: both parents love them and they love both parents.

Cheri Scholten’s cover is bright and engaging showing happy children with their parents with each parent being on one side of a fence and the children between them. It literally and metaphorically sends a message of a happy family even though they are sometimes apart. The endpapers are bright little images set against a vivid yellow background. This leads into the bold images depicting a range of different activities and also different emotions.

No Matter Who We’re With is a book that would be valuable to read and discuss with young children to help them understand that even though parents might separate, their love for their children remains the same.


  1. Lovely little book, isn't it? so much nicer than many books that set out to use bibliotherapy.

  2. Hi Sally,

    Kids will certainly be able to relate to this book and it is definitely how things should be in divorce.

    Best, Vicki


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