Friday 5 April 2013

Rebecca and the Hobgoblin Invasion

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 2: Rebecca and the Hobgoblin Invasion by Margaret Pearce
(Writers Exchange E-Publishing)
Ebook $2.99
ISBN 1922066192
Reviewed by Nina Lim

In the second instalment in this entertaining series, we meet Rebecca again, who is now a mortal girl. After being banished from fairyland by the evil Queen, she has lost all her magic powers and now lives happily with her new human family. But there is trouble brewing in fairyland.

When Golly the house goblin disappears Rebecca is worried. And soon her fears are confirmed when nasty hobgoblins start swarming over the farmlands. Suddenly the cows are no longer producing milk, the chickens are no longer laying eggs, and the humans are all exhausted and worn out. Rebecca knows she needs to rescue Golly and all the other vanished house goblins, but how can she go back to fairyland when she no longer has any powers?

With her wise owl and guard beside her, Rebecca hatches a plan to return to fairyland, but what happens once she is there will change fairyland forever. A captivating and fun read for middle-graders.  Sci-fi and fantasy lovers will enjoy it.

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