Saturday 25 May 2013

All this Could End

All this Could End by Steph Bowe (Text Publishing)
PB RRP $19.99
ISBN 97819211758447
Reviewed by Wendy Fitzgerald    

How would you feel if you mother was a bank robber?  What if you had moved through seven schools all the while pretending you were in a normal family? Finally you meet a boy you really like. But what would he think if he knew the truth?

Welcome to the life of Nina Pretty.  Her mother, Sophia Pretty thinks that it’s fun to rob banks and she expects the whole family to join in.

Sophia loves the thrill of stealing. She quotes from self help books and finds plenty of ways to justify her criminal behaviour. Anyway, the money’s insured! she says. The big banks won’t miss it... or will they?

Nina’s dad, Paul is a teacher. His job gives the family the illusion of a trustworthy cover. Nina worries about her little brother Tom. Why can’t her dad stand up to her mum?

It is at her seventh school that Nina finally finds a friend in a boy named Spencer.  They share a love of weird words, quirky facts and the same sense of humour. They find they can talk about everything... well almost everything.

But Spencer’s life is complicated too. His father is a bank manager. When his mother runs off with a man who looks like a body-building vampire Spencer is left to pick up the pieces. He has to deal with one depressed dad and a very confused little sister called Monica. Monica refuses to talk and only communicates using lollies called conversation hearts.

If you are over 13 years old I suggest you read this story to see how the author, 19 year old Steph Bowe cleverly weaves her plot with sparkling insight, witty humour, gentle honesty and kind compassion mixed together with a delightful sprinkle of romance.

This is Steph Bowe’s second book. Her first book, Girls Saves Boy came out in 2010. She is definitely a young writer with a very promising future. I highly recommend Steph Bowe's blog as well.

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