Monday 24 June 2013

Blog tour dates: Dianne Bates and The Girl in the Basement

Buzz Words is thrilled to be part of Dianne Bates' blog tour for her new YA spine-chilling thriller The Girl in the Basement. Follow the posts to find out how Di conquered a writers' ultimate characterisation challenge: how to be an innocent teenage girl one moment, a terrified teenage boy the next, then a psychological killer. 

As well as reviews you will discover the reason Di wrote the story, the research she had to do and much more. 

Plus comment on any of the blogs and go in the draw to win a free copy of the book. 
Monday July 1st. Review
Tuesday July 2nd  Interview
Wed July 3rd Interview
Thurs July 4th Interview
Fri July 5th Review
Sat July 6th Interview
Sun July 7th Review
Monday July 8th Interview
Tuesday July 9th Interview
Tuesday July 9th Interview
Wed July 10th Interview
Wed July 11th Interview         
Here's a sneak peek into The Girl in the Basement:
Enter the minds of a psychopath and a defenceless teenager in this mesmerising and timely page-turner, with its unforeseeable twists and edge-of-the-seat suspense.

A man lurks in the shadows, spying on a girl in a red party dress.

The girl, Libby, is trying to shrug off a bad date. Not for a moment does she suspect that this night is the end of life as she knows it. The man pounces; Libby is grabbed and driven away. Held prisoner in a basement, she grapples with constant fear, all the while sustaining herself with thoughts of escape. Meanwhile, her captor is engaged on another mission, that of abducting a young boy to complete his 'family'.

Will Libby ever escape? Or will the man kill her? And what of the boy who refuses to submit to the man's demands? Can he possibly survive his merciless anger? 

Books are available from any bookstore in Australia, many online stores as a paperback (including Amazon) and eBook, and from  

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