Wednesday 12 June 2013

Her Day

Her Day by Heather Potter (Walker Books Australia)
BB RRP $9.95
ISBN – 978-1-921720-36-9
Reviewed by Emma Cameron

One in a pair of gender specific baby board books, this title uses simple text alongside softly coloured sketches of a very young girl going about those activities that make up every baby’s day. All  pictures will be easily identified with by any child and the book begins by showing how each day starts with waking before having a nappy change.

Breakfast is followed by getting dressed and playtime takes baby till lunch time. Baby’s nap is followed by walking before a visit. The illustration for the word visit shows readers the baby girl stepping through a doorway. Her day draws to a close with dinner, bathing, a story and cuddle before bed.

Not only do the whimsical and very appealing pastels show much emotion and wonder as baby makes her way through her day, they also provide plenty of well thought out detail that ensures the illustrations will be happily marvelled over again and again by the very young reader.

While the publisher states that one of the books is for boys and one is for girls, parents and preschools may consider reading them as a pair, one after the other, to help reinforce that while humans differ in gender, males and females share a great deal in common.

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