Wednesday 5 June 2013

K-Zone Prankster’s Handbook

K-Zone Prankster’s Handbook by K-Zone Editors (Scholastic Australia)
PB RRP $14.99
ISBN 978-1-74283-024-7
Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

K-Zone Prankster’s Handbook has been created by the editors of top-selling kid’s magazine K-Zone. It is a bold, bright and in-your-face book about good-humoured pranks of all shapes and sizes. There are celebrity pranks, animal pranks (did you know the horned lizard can squirt blood from its own eyes?!), contributors’ embarrassing moments and a guide to pulling pranks on your friends.

There are punishment ratings on all pranks such as – Wash the Dishes, Gaming Cancelled and Xtreme Grounding Guaranteed – which gives a guide to how each prank may be received by the intended ‘victim’. But none of the pranks are too extreme.

Toy Traveller: Grab your bro’s most treasured toy and take a photo of it somewhere weird, such as in the park or at school. Now use that picture as the background of the family computer. Do the same thing a week later but with the toy in a new location. Your little bro will freak thinking his toy is having adventures without him!  

Wash the Dishes!


Ball Swap: This is a classic if you’ve got a golf player in the family. The night before the golfer heads off to a game, switch the golf balls in their bags for ping-pong balls. This’ll get you seriously grounded so play it safe by stashing the real balls somewhere else in the bag! 

Xtreme Grounding Guaranteed!

There is also a section on the 20 best ever pranks. These are pranks pulled on a larger scale, such as when in 1995 a “hilarious hacker announced that every computer connected to the internet must be turned off for Internet Cleaning Day...”

Visually this has a fun layout and is great to flick through, reading bits here and there rather than reading cover to cover. The jacket is reversible so the reader is able to change its appearance to an English work book.

Primary aged kids will get many laughs from this prank guidebook

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