Wednesday 19 June 2013

Review: Jeremy

Jeremy by Chris Faille, illustrated by Danny Snell (Working Title Press)
RRP HB $24.95
ISBN 9781921504402
Reviewed by Vicki Thornton

Based on a true event, this is the charming story of rescuing and raising a baby kookaburra after it falls out of its nest.

Rescued by the family cat, the baby bird is ugly with no feathers and large bulgy eyes that are closed. He is placed in a box with a hot water bottle and a teddy bear, and named Jeremy. He squawks for food and seems to be hungry all the time but he grows and grows. Soon it is time for Jeremy to learn to fly, to be outside with the other birds. He says goodbye and returns to his family.

This is a very sweet story, with lots of information given gradually but also more detailed information for the discerning reader provided on the endpapers. A trend for a lot of picture books that combine fact with fiction.

But what made the story come alive for me were the illustrations. I loved Snell’s use of vibrant colour, the detailed depiction of the kookaburra but also the artist’s sense of humour. The double page spread of Jeremy watching television late at night, with his teddy bear made me laugh out loud.  A lovely book and even lovelier illustrations.

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