Monday 15 July 2013

Rebecca and the Wicked Witch

The Wingless Fairy Series Book 3: Rebecca and the Wicked Witch by Margaret Pearce (Writers Exchange E-Publishing)
Ebook $2.99
ISBN 978-1-922066-55-8 
Reviewed by Nina Lim

Something strange is happening in Rebecca’s hometown. In the third installment in this fantasy series for mid-graders, Rebecca has now completely settled into mortal life with her human family. Her life as a spoilt and bored fairy princess is now a distant memory. Rebecca loves working and studying like a regular mortal girl. But when the new schoolteacher Miss Baroom arrives in the village Rebecca senses that something is very, very wrong

The happy atmosphere of the old school house is replaced with a tense and foreboding feeling. Something strange has happened to her friend Tam, and he appears to be losing his memory and walks around with a vacant expression on his face. And what about Tam’s sister Janine? Why is she always too sick to go to school? And something is definitely not right with Tam and Janine’s mother. She appears to be looking younger every day, and is never seen without Miss Baroom by her side.

Rebecca knows there is something dangerous about Miss Baroom and her motives for coming to the village. It is up to her and her loyal owl, house goblins and a mythical gryphon to save the village from Miss Baroom’s evil intentions. But how can they banish the powerful witch when Rebecca is merely a mortal girl with no magical powers?  This is a fast paced and gripping read for fantasy lovers. Fans of Rebecca will be happy to read more of her adventures.

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