Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Princess and the Pirate

The Princess and the Pirate: Book One of The Chronicles of The Knights of Katesch by Royce Bond (Morris Publishing Australia)
PB RRP $20.00
ISBN 9780987543400
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Here is the first of a fantasy series filled with action, adventure and space wars, whose battles are so descriptive it is like watching an adventure of Zena in full battle mode.

Beloved Queen Hibana is one of the famed Knights of Katesch. She sees herself equal to her people. Her husband was killed ten years ago in an ambush along with all his men. The wizard Maligor is her greatest enemy and power battles have been raging for countless years in the attempt by Maligor to control all the dimensions in space.

Hibana is murdered in battle by a Kladath assassin and her daughter Hepzebah, inherits the powers owned by her mother, adding to the ones she already owns. Maligor wants her dead too. But he underestimates who he’s dealing with. Hepzebah and her supporters are helped secretly by Maligor’s wife, Legonin, who longs to see her husband’s treachery come to an end.

Captain Sergio Andronovich is a smuggler, space pirate and blockade runner. He is more than he seems and his eyes are filled with Hepzebah. He is a crafty, resourceful person who is ready to stand by his love and even die for her as she battles to destroy the evil one.

This is a complex pirate adventure with murder, intrigue, betrayal and tension throughout. There are many sub-stories and plots weaving in and out which add additional suspense to the galloping pace of the story. With excellent main characters and even some terrific minor characters that will surely reappear in the future titles, this book offers escapism into a fantasy world of space wars and other dimensions where anything is possible.

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