Thursday 12 September 2013

I Love Football

I Love Football by Matt Zurbo (Windy Hollow Books)
HC RRP $25.95
ISBN 9781922081179
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

I Love Footy is a book full of fun and energy, optimism and encouragement, self confidence and assurance, and all the other positive emotions children should feel. When playing footy our unnamed character feels ‘safe from his problems’. He has a sense of power, energy and freedom when he’s running with the ball. He imagines he can do anything when he touches a footy. Weather is no obstacle. He takes it all in his stride with that inexhaustible energy that children own. And there are other feelings and emotions he experiences as well – good and bad.

It is obvious these wonderful feelings have been experienced by the author through the game. It is well and truly visible in the joy and enthusiasm of the boy at play; through the eloquence of the prose. The author transmits his passion through pictures full of vibrant colour and movement, and through words of pleasure.

This is a terrific book that teaches the freedom and joy that sport, especially footy, can bring to children. It encourages activity and movement, and promises a freedom that many children may never experience in any other form. Highly recommended.

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