Tuesday 22 October 2013

Dance Like a Pirate

Dance Like a Pirate by Stephanie Owen Reader (National Library of Australia)
PB RRP $ 17.99
ISBN 9780642278418
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

In rhyming verse and vibrant paintings, this lift-the-flap book is designed to encourage movement and activity in preschool children.  The pivotal words are highlighted in colour and describe an action/movement, then repeated in larger letters at the bottom of the page for reinforcement. Instructions follow on how to execute the spirited movements. The parts of the body appear in blue text in the role of teaching tools. Lift-the-flap and there is a challenge on how quick the action/movement can be done.

The two children in the pictures dress as dragons, clowns, super heroes, pirates, witches and wizards, fairies and elves, dancers and ballerinas, fire fighters, rock stars, bunnies, sailors, clowns and royalty.

They dance, hop, strut, tiptoe, leap, jump, march, stomp, and sway, (amongst other action/movements) What parts of their body is used for these actions starting from the face right down to their toes? Can you name them?

The parts of the body are again reinforced on the last page.

There is a double spread of Inspiring Images for children to study which shows how movement and actions are used in a professional capacity. As always, the high quality of NLA books is maintained with the pages thick and  durable for young hands.

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