Tuesday 26 November 2013


Patience by Kirrily Lowe, illustrated by Henry Smith (Wombat Books)
HB RRP $18.95
ISBN 978-1-921632-58-7
Reviewed by Peta Biggin

Sam is expecting the postman to bring him a parcel and he is having a hard time waiting.  It seems to take forever for his delivery to arrive but it finally does.  After the excitement of opening his parcel, Sam realises that something very important has happened within him.  As he was waiting for the postman to come, he was also learning to be patient.

Patience is the latest book in The Invisible Tree series written by pastor Kirrily Lowe.  Each themed book aims to encourage personal attributes in young children.

There is an Invisible Tree
That lives inside of me
It wants to grow big and tall
Even though I am very small 

Despite the concept of the series being based on a biblical scripture, the tone of the book is not religiously biased in any way.  Rather it describes the evolution of patience within Sam through the metaphor of fruit (being borne of the Invisible Tree). The story is told in rhyme and it is easy to read, although the rhythm does falter on occasion. It would make a great read aloud book for pre-schoolers or early primary children.

For me the illustrations were the biggest attraction.  Each full-page illustration is a collage with sections of newspaper, writing or wrapping paper used to provide a visual texture.  The collage theme also extends to the text with seemingly random words being presented as if cut from a newspaper or magazine.

Patience is the fourth book in the series, following on from Love, Joy and Peace. Subsequent books planned are: Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

Kirrily Lowe is a mum to three boys and a pastor together with her husband Tim at the C3 Church City Campus in Darlinghurst, Sydney. She is passionate about filling young lives with great values in a fun way. The Invisible Tree is her first series of books.  She can be found online at:  http://theinvisibletree.com.au/

Henry Smith is a graphic designer and film maker from the production company Taste Media.  His work ranges from handcrafted claymation films to drawings and designs. All of the illustrations in The Invisible Tree series were created from recycled & hand-made papers.

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