Sunday 29 December 2013

Tilly and Billy Travel the World

Tilly and Billy Travel the World by Dawn MacKenzie with Angela Knights, illustrated by Kev Howlett (quikmark media)
PB RRP $ 12.95
ISBN 9780987599766
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

This new junior fiction series introduces the Thomas family through character profiles. Each member has crime-solving skills. Dad James is an Australian forensic scientist and mum Alison a crime writer. Billy creates gadgets, and has won the junior inventor’s award. He has been recruited by the organisation Goodies Against Baddies (GAB).

Tilly, Billy’s clever older sister helps solve crimes, loves travel, karate, and dancing, and won the Smart Award for history and geography at school.

Meeka is their talking Meerkat whose other special abilities include a strong sense of smell and binocular vision. She was adopted by the Thomas family during their tour of Africa.

Last but not least is the baddie they chase, Odious McSlimey. His skin is green and belongs to the Anti Happiness Org (AHO).

Billy, Tilly and Meeka set out for Hollywood. The letter D in the word Hollywood has been stolen. They have only a few hours to find it. With their Go-Phone, solar powered backpacks and Meeka’s special potions, can the group catch the culprit and replace the letter in the short time they have?

This adventure series will appeal to fans of Zac Power. Reluctant readers will be drawn to its simple storyline, active characters and imaginative, vibrant coloured artwork.

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