Friday 10 January 2014

Brumbies in the Mist

Brumbies in the Mist by Paula Boer, illustrated by Rowena Evans (IFWG Publishing Australia)
PB RRP $16.99
ISBN: 9780992302023
Reviewed by Hilary Smillie
This is the third book in the 5-book series about brumbies by gifted horsewoman/writer, Paula Boer, and follows the adventures of city-bred Louise and Ben, a country boy through and through. A lot has happened since the two young teenagers captured Louise's buck-skin mare, Honey, and Ben's colt, Brandy, when they staged their own muster.
Brandy had grown into a feisty stallion and one of the problems Ben is facing is how to persuade his father not to geld him. He wants to put him to stud and see what type of progeny he sires. Louise is worried her mum won't let her keep Honey because of the expensive upkeep and riding lessons Louise hopes to have.
Once again, Paula unfolds a story which will keep young horse-lovers glued to each page. They will easily relate to the several dilemmas presented and anxiously read on to see how each solution is reached. The majority of horse-related terms are included in a Glossary at the front, and it is most satisfying to be able to quickly turn to this information as unfamiliar words arise.
The text and illustrations which include maps of the areas where the children live and ride combine to give a great "feel" to the book and bring the reader right into the situation. Paula is a sympathetic writer and Rowena's effective sketches makes reading Brumbies in the Mist a most pleasurable experience. Young horse lovers will be eager to obtain the whole series.

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