Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Bloodhound Boys Book 1: The Great Blood Bank Robbery

The Bloodhound Boys Book 1: The Great Blood Bank Robbery by Andrew Cranna (Walker Books)
PB RRP $19.95
ISBN 9781922179302
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Deep beneath the earth’s crust, the Skull River Blood Banks have been robbed. The vampire monsters lives depend on their daily supply of blood, particularly Gretel who suffers from plasmic anaemia and needs frequent supplies throughout the day.

The Blood Detectives have been unable to find any trace of evidence so mates Vince and Rocky decide to investigate. Facing a most dangerous security system and the unknown, the two heroes set out to find who, how, and why the blood was stolen and get it back.

The skills learnt in the monster transformation class turn out to be their saving grace when they discover the Frankenstein army that is being prepared to rule the world.

This is terrific comic strip fiction for readers who love graphic style novels and have a preference for ghouls, ghoulish happenings, the undead and other underworld characters.

The novel has other little stories running through it that adds to the tension and suspense. This is the first book in a series therefore we’ll be interested to learn what other adventures the boys and the other ghoulish characters get up to.

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