Saturday 29 March 2014

Rainbow River

Rainbow River by Our Community of Children and Adults (Kids Own Publishing)
PB RRP $20 + GST
ISBN 9781925077087
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Rainbow River is a rhyming tale about three friends – the bird Rainbow Polly, Ezza the fox, ‘a fabulous beast’ named Coconut Bird, and their great adventure. As they travelled along the river that flowed to the sea, they saw the multi-coloured beauty of nature.  Some stones were simply stones, but others weren’t what they seemed. The day was filled with discovery and the happiness of being with friends.

With a strong Indigenous background, and a Rainbow River Map Key, this stunning book is filled with incredible mixed media and collage illustrations alive with colour and meaning. The river theme was inspired by the song Rainbow River by Vashti Bunyan. But the book ‘is by a unique group of friends who meet…to create artwork and make stories together’. This book is available on line from

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