Wednesday 30 April 2014

How I Love You

How I Love You by Anna Pignataro (Scholastic Press)
HB RRP $16.99
ISBN 978-1-74283-818-2
Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

Although not specifically marketed towards Mother's Day, this charming picture book relates expressions of love between children and their mothers and would be perfect for the mood of Mother's Day celebrations.
Populated with Australian animals - mums and babies - this story is filled with expressive text, warmth and gentle movement. Energetic words such as snuggled, nuzzled, tickled and nestled, conjure up lovely images of these little animals and their own special ways of showing love.
     Very Spiky Echidna was tumbling in a ball. Very Spiky Echidna snuggled by Mummy's
     tummy and said, 'This is how I love you, Mummy.'
The illustrations are beautiful. Muted colours - browns, olive greens and grey blues - reminiscent of the Australian bush create soft images. Characters such as Little Sooty Owl, Little Wobbly Wombat and Baby Possum are very much alive in the pages of this book.
How I Love You is a beautiful story showing the mother child relationship wrapped in love. Its calmness and repetition make it perfect for bedtime reading and the strong sturdy pages and binding means it will survive countless readings and little fingers.
Who would not want to be loved like the mothers in this story? Baby Possum cradled Mummy's face and said, 'This is how I love you, Mummy.'

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