Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Last Thirteen Book 3: 11

The Last Thirteen Book 3: 11 by James Phelan (Scholastic Australia)
PB RRP $14.99
ISBN 978-1-74283-186-2
Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

13 books. 13 nightmares. 1 destiny.

11 is the third instalment in this fast paced thrilling series for early teens. This book picks up with Sam speeding out of Rome after discovering the surrounding German Guardians were traitors (just like the Egyptian Guardians).

In this book the storyline starts to branch out a little. As well as Sam’s journey, we also get to follow the actions of Alex, who is now with the rival agency Enterprise, and the adventures of Eva and Gabriella back at the Academy. Both Alex and Eva are beginning to dream more and are hopeful that they may still be revealed as members of the Last Thirteen.

It’s not long before another dream/nightmare guides Sam to Germany on his next mission to identify Dreamer 11. Here he meets with Dr Dark, his former dream therapist, and learns more about his genetic background. He also reconnects with Xavier, an old friend and Dr Dark’s son.

In an unexpected twist, Sam and Xavier begin to co-dream with leads them to some answers  but also towards the explosive ending at the Berlin Zoo, where another face-to-face meeting with Solaris sees Sam lose the puzzle piece he fought so hard to find.

The more complex and tightly packed the plot of The Last Thirteen becomes, the more exciting and involved the reader becomes. Start at 13 though, this is a series which needs to be read in order.

This series has a serialised single storyline which will continue at the rate of one book a month with 13 and going backwards until the conclusion is reached in 1, the thirteenth book. Also check out, an on-line companion page with VIP Access. There are 13 prizes to win with each book release, e-newsletters, access code breakers and many more features.

James Phelan is an Australian author who has written adult thrillers as well as the Lachlan Fox series and the Alone trilogy for older teenagers.

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