Thursday 26 June 2014


Aristotle by Dick King-Smith, illustrated by Bob Graham (Walker Books)
PB RRP $11.95
ISBN 9781406354362
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Aristotle is a witch’s cat, born with nine lives that slowly decrease because of his mischievous nature and inability to follow advice; a natural thing for the young. It is when he has been through a few near misses that he comes to understand danger.

Aristotle symbolises the very young and their thirst to discover the world. Curious and questioning, fearless and adventurous, they set out to explore the world beyond their safe patch, unable to understand the concept of danger.

This is a wonderful chapter book for junior readers that can be used as a point of discussion between teacher and student, parent and child. There is so much in this little book to talk about.

The priceless illustrations in black and white by Bob Graham, add to the strong sense of innocence and reality that the story portrays.

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