Tuesday 10 June 2014

Finnley’s Great Escape

Finnley’s Great Escape (Condamine Alliance)
PB RRP $15.00
ISBN 9780992432409
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Finnley lives in a beautiful home where the water is clean, the trees are shady and there is plenty of food for everyone. But one day, Finnley and his friends are swept away to a smelly, muddy, toxic shallow far from their home. Soon they realise they are not alone and must find a way to escape what lurks in the murky water. 

Who will save them? And will they ever return to their beautiful home again?

Finnley’s Great Escape is a story about an Australian smelt called Finnley and his native fish friends. One day they are swept away from their beautiful, clean home to a toxic shallow that is infested with one of the world’s worst pest fish, tilapia.

The book has been a collaboration between natural resource management group Condamine Alliance, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and 13 young people who helped write and illustrate the book. The book’s beautiful hand painted illustrations and clever storyline carry an important message about the threat of tilapia to the Murray-Darling Basin.

It was produced as part of the Northern Basin Tilapia Exclusion Strategy which is funded by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority and has been officially endorsed by Jackie French, the Australian National Children’s Laureate for 2014-15 and author of popular children’s book The Diary of a Wombat.

Written and illustrated by Alli Purtill, Corey Lenton, Jessica Larkin, Josiah Richards, Kelsey Francis, Kirrily Pauli, Paige Joyce, Peter Von Stieglitz, Rani Deane, Rebecca Sherrie, Rhianna Conaghan, Samantha Lenton and William Butler under the direction of Emma Mactaggart.

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